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Android studio does not see my phone. I connect via USB, developer mode and USB debugging are enabled. The drivers seemed to be installed when the phone was connected to the PC.

And maybe you can just somehow install the application on the phone right away? Making an installation package in this way can also be tested, but it can be slower. Just how to do it?

Answer 1, authority 100%

If the phone is root, then you can debug using wify by installing this application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ttxapps.wifiadb&hl=en

Why might the IDE not see the phone?

1) the wrong drivers are installed

2) too long / damaged cable or connector. In this case, the charging will go on, and the computer will see it, but it will not be possible to connect from the IDE.

3) someone is blocking the device. For example, on Linux, see http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html

Answer 2

Without any dances with tambourines, it took 5 minutes to complete and the project was already launched on the old Samsung.

Oleg wrote this:
As a rule, torment with the standard set of drivers often will not lead to anything, so I recommend that you download this file right away (don’t be afraid – it’s not a virus, even though the antivirus swears) and, after removing the old drivers, install this file (in it is better not to connect the phone during installation).
After installing the drivers, connect your device to your computer via USB. All the necessary settings will start and be automatically installed.
Next, we launch Android Studio. Go to Tools — Android and put a tick in front of the “Enable ADB Integration” (ADB – Android Debug Bridge) line. After that, you need to configure Android Studio so that when you click on the green “Run” button, your application is immediately installed and launched on the connected smartphone …

Taken from here
Download the file there, but I don’t know yet if it is possible and how to insert files here.

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