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Making the application game themes in which one of the headings are direct broadcast games. Actually, there are direct addresses for streams, for example http://player.twitch.tv/?channel=Starladder1

What is trying to do:

Final WebView WebView = (WebView) FindViewByid (R.ID.Webview);
WebView.getSettings (). SetJavascriptenabled (TRUE);
Webview.getSettings (). SETUSEWIDEVIEWPORT (TRUE);
WebView.getSettings (). SetloadWithoverViewMode (True);
WebView.setWebchromeclient (New Webchromeclient ());
WebView.loadurl (URL);

Result – Opens WebView in which it is written that you need to install Flash Player .. Although in the official Twitch application, everything is played fine without flash. I understand that it is possible not even to the other side of the digging, but does anyone have any guesses? I will be glad to any help!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The official application does not use WebView, and uses twich API and loses the video player.

Answer 2, Authority 75%

found a solution for WebView. Everything turned out to be simple:

webview.loadurl ("http://www.twitch.tv/" + chanelname + "/ popout");

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