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Drawable and Mipmap directory in Android Studio




I am interested in this question: I have Android Studio there is only a Drawable folder, there is no Drawable-HDPI folders, ...- MDPI, ... -XHDPI, ...- XXHDPI . Do I need to create them? But there is Mipmap-HDPI, MIPMAP-MDPI, MIPMAP-XHDPI, MIPMAP-XXHDPI . Where to upload icons that I want to use in my project? Thank you.

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Yes, you need to create. Right click on the “Res” catalog – New – Android Resource Directory.

MIPMAP graphics appeared in Android 4.3 Mipmapping for Drawables . The flag will raise in some cases to get the best picture quality with a decrease due to more memory consumption.

The latest best practices from Google say that the icons of the application are better to keep in MIPMAP- and not in Drawable-. You can safely follow, problems on old versions of Android will not arise with them.

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