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genymotion or native emulator from android studio?




Genymotion all praise. I installed, I gave him the characteristics better, but it is a maximum of 30 FPS in a simple toy gives out when my phone is 150-200. And native emulator 100 FPS.

I understand the fact that I have Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager and I do not need this genymotion? Genymotion is like a solution for those who are on AMD or without hardware virtualization, am I right?

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Recently, the native Emulator SDK has moved very much, both in terms of performance and functionality. For example, on a relatively weak machine with Core i3 6100, emulation does not cause any discomfort in terms of speed or initial start.

If the processor supports VT-X virtualization (modern Intel), then it is better to use an Android emulator. Here and any hardware configurations (you can create any device manually) with all the possible Android API, all possible Android devices (like clock, TV, etc.). Great features of device sensors (temperature, illumination, pressure, magnetic field, and TD with manual tuning), emulation of the entire device periphery: battery, external calls \ SMS, Internet, fingerprint scanner, and so on. No alternative solution has such possibilities.

The only reason to use a third-party emulator to date – Windows OS and the processor does not have the VT-X hardware virtualization (AMD processors and old Intel), then the operation of the emulator is unsatistently slow.

On OS Linux family, the SDK emulator supports a much larger number of processor hardware virtualization, in particular AMD processors (AMD-V technology (SVM)), due to the use of the QEMU virtualizer and the KVM virtual machine (how to set up )

Off. Documentation Emulator

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Emulation is a delicate matter. And not always predictable.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions / 25424721 / Why-Genymotion-Emulator-IS-A-Lot-Faster-Than-Android-Emulator


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