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Google Play Console – failed to confirm the identity




Recently registered on Google Play Console. Made a fee of $ 25, introduced real data about himself and uploaded a scan of a passport, to verify the person.

After a couple of days, a failure came:


Your Identity Documentation Couldn’t Be Verified.

You have Reached the Maximum Number of Verification Attempts. Contact.
The Play Console Team To Request A Refund.

on my question, clarify the reason for the refusal, answered:


Thanks for Contacting Google Play Developer Support. We Are Unable
To Verify Your Play Console Registration and We
Have Refunded Your Registration Fee to Your Original Form of Payment.
Please Note That Your Account Will Still Be Accessible But You WON U
Be Able to Publish Any Apps. Please Let Me Know if You Have Any
Additional Questions.

As I understand it, there are no meaning TP, because They did not even answer (or I crookedly translated), which specifically there was a problem of identifying my personality.

I want to download a couple of my applications in Google Play, but how can I do this?

Answer 1

You wrote:

You Have Reached the Maximum Number of Verification Attempts.

I do not understand how you can not get verification from the first time, well, in the extreme case from the second. And you had a lot of attempts (apparently). So they refused you.

Try just to register a new account.

Answer 2

solved the problem.

  • registered the second account. Used the same data and card for payment as at first registration.
  • again loaded the scan of the passport to confirm the person, but again refused registration. But this time was the opportunity to undergo a person’s confirmation again.
  • on the second attempt decided to download a driver’s license and literally per day I was confirmed registration.

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