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How to compile Python TKinter program to .apk file for Android?




I decided to try to make a simple application for Android experience in Python using TKinter. Is it possible to do this? I heard you can do it somehow through the Kivy tool. And will there be any problems? For example, the resolution will be 1080×1920 in the code, but how will this be displayed on mobile devices? Please describe all the methods of compilation in .apk and all the nuances that may occur

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Yes, you can do it on kivy, but there will be problems. The main one is that the application will not run in the background (minimized – it closed). Well, you will have to crutch / make edits to the kivy sources, if this is something more or less serious, the documentation there is not at the highest level either. Forget about tkinter if you write for android.

I recommend reading this article: https://habr.com/en/post/348226/

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