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How to connect Android Studio to Visual Studio Emulator for Android?




I am writing an Android application in Android Studio. I want to debug it in Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator for Android (it works on AMD, unlike native emulators from Google). I installed and launched Visual Studio Emulator, but it did not appear in the list of available devices in Android Studio.

What needs to be done to make Android Studio see this emulator as a debugging device?

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This issue is described in Microsoft Documentation . It suggests solving it by changing the registry settings.

it runs on AMD unlike the native emulators from Google

You are mistaken. The stock emulator can be run on AMD. Even with Android x86 images instead of braking AMRs. However, this requires Win 10 Pro with Hyper-V support enabled.

If Win 10 Pro with Hyper-V is not available for some reason, you can use Genymotion . Works almost everywhere (as long as the processor supports virtualization) and Android Studio recognizes it without problems.

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