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How to create installation APK file in Android Studio?




“Build – Generate Signed APK”, and then what? There the window is

How to fill it?
I tried to just insert the value “1” to missed further, but nothing came out, the end issued an error.

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If you want to simply install the application to the phone, to check its functional, then you need to go to the folder where you have a project and go to the App \ Build \ Outputs folder, you will have file app-debug.apk.
This file you copy to your phone and through the FileManager program, find it and install it.
What you did, it is necessary in order to create a unique certificate for your application (it is necessary to post the application in Google Play Market).

p.c. Do not copy the App-debug-unaligned file. Each time you compile the project, your App-Debug.apk

file will be updated.

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tried to download the application over the answer above, the phone set the application, but it crashed that this would not be pressing Build- & GT; Build APK- & GT; Open … \ app \ build \ outputs (or just click Show APK) And only after that your application will adequately open on your smartphone

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