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How to delete an application with Play Market




Good day!

Doing the application. There is a beta version in Play Market.
Accidentally published a working version. I do not want the application to be published since it is still curved, raw and do not need it to be published.

But Play Market does not just delete the working version of the application from the publication. I can deactivate it in an extended version of the console, but it will not let you save anything while I do not upload a different apoc. You can also remove the application from the publication completely, but the beta version of the product is removed.

Who faced such a problem?

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As of 12/10/2017, I see an accessible option only to deactivate.
Do not even need to download a new APK.

Although completely remove the release does not give, but it will not be in the search engine and in the market itself.
You can find this button by this path in the console:

Your application – & gt; View in the store – & gt; Prices and distribution – & gt; Accessibility of applications – & gt; Cancel publication.

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googlePlay For more than a year, how to delete “active applications”, that is, those installed on the device.

Delete an application with googlePlay can be tried after it is removed from all devices. Until that moment, you can only deactivate, and thereby stop access to download with new users. Considering that many mobile phones simply give up disassembly or discard (without deleting applications naturally) – then such “dead” devices will be a guarantee that the application you will never delete the googleplay .

Is that the Google policy will change, and if the device is inactive for some period, then such a device will not be taken into account in the list of devices with the installed application.

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Try on Google Play – & GT; Developer Console- & gt; Your application- & gt; Remove from Google Play (next to Open in Google Play)

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Go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish
Section “Appendix”.
Next, “APK files”.
Switch to advanced mode.

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