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Nice FREE Weather API or premium available




Someone can suggest a good, preferably freeware and with minimal restrictions api, through which you can pull out weather data for the next 5 days. It is also desirable to pull out geolocation data.

All googled options are not suitable yet.
Stopped at worldweatheronline.com , but it has a request limit and the site crashes at times.

Use for non-commercial Android app .

Affordable premium will also work.

Answer 1


Export of weather forecasts in Moscow (VVC) is performed in XML format from the address http://rp5.com/xml/ 5483/00000 / ru. If you need to get data for another locality, specify the value of its id. This value is indicated at the end of the address of the page with the weather forecast for the settlement of interest. For example, the above id value = 5483 could be found on the page “Weather in Moscow (VVC)”

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