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Is it normal to use pale colors for android toolbara according to the material design? The bosses want exactly this, however, my experience suggests that white Tulbars exist – yes, with saturated colors, too, but I have never seen the faded Tulbar in any android apute.

Answer 1

everything is fine, most importantly how to use. For example, if you have a white toolbar, and the activity itself / fragment is white, it will be inconvenient. It should be borne in mind that Tulbar should be noticeable, and what it will be color, I think the tenth thing. If you have a design, and on it, white toolbar is combined for example with some gray activity background, then why not. For example, an application with white toolbar:

here Where does the picture come from, as you see in general it looks good And there is nothing particularly critical. And finally, the authorities do not like when they argue with him 🙂 Make a white color, as you are asked, and then if it really does not happen, you will tell you what to change 🙂

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