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Good day! Explain, please, is there any differences between PhoneGAP and CORDOVA?

just wanted to make the mobile version of the app, and I can not understand what their differences are.

The network says that they are the same frameworks, then PhoneGap is better, some for Cordova-y.
I have no experience in these technologies, so I ask what to choose.

NetBeans as it would recommend from the Cordovu https://netbeans.org/kb/docs/webclient/ cordova-gettingstarted_en.html , the plugin for PhoneGap could not find.

And another question: With which of them (PhoneGap, Cordova), you can access the display (enable / disable) a smartphone (android)? Thank you.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Cordova – open source framework. PhoneGap – wrapper for this framework, belonging to Adobe and allows you to closely interact with other Adobe services. First of all, with PhoneGap Build is a PHONEGAP-based cloud service, which is based on Cordova, in the house that Jack has built. about it below.

From a practical point of view, the difference between PhoneGap and Cordova is not. Both are installed locally, both know how to pull up plug-ins from the repositories, both have the same glitches, because The code is based on one. The difference looks like this:

$ usr & gt; Phonegap Local Build Android // Local - Because not in the cloud, you can Remote
$ usr & gt; Cordova Build Android // Cordova is always local

I chose Cordova, because:

  1. Integration with the cloud I do not need. I always choose more “thin” stack of technology.
  2. PhoneGap updates almost simultaneously with Cordova, but not at the same time. For example, support for 64-bit IOS apps was raised for a month.
  3. I am for Open Source and I do not like Adobe.

Once I had to switch to Cordova on PhoneGap Build (I did and test the application locally, the customer created binaries in the cloud with their keys). The transition took about a day, mainly on the calves of small bugs, when something in Cordova worked, and in Phonegap Build – no.

For example, the duration of the splash screensaver in Cordova is prescribed in config.xml:

& lt; preference splashscreendelay = "3000" / & gt;

Phonegap Build this setting ignored, so I had to connect the plugin to control the screensaver through JavaScript and do it with your hands.

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