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Register of the Google Play developer and the output of money in Russia




I need to create a developer account in Google Play in order to upload your applications and receive cash with advertising in these applications. What bank account is needed for this? Where to register? What are the nuances in the conclusion of money in Russia? I would like to learn more about registration of the developer account in Google Play , about which credit card is needed for this, and where to get it, and about the output of money in Russia.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. Need a map with the ability to pay on the Internet for an initial contribution of $ 25 to Google Play (you need to pay only once, unlike apple akkka developer, where you need to pay once a year). Personally, I used a virtual qiwi-card. To get it you need a SIM card (to register an account in QIWI). Next, on the site or in the application, create a map with any data about the owner and pay.
  2. need a dollar account with the ability to receive dollars from abroad. I helped in this Sberbank (the score is open for $ 5, which turn out to be an inconsistent amount in the account. The score is called “universal”). Gave a paper book on a passport, details. Intruted it in the account – money came. Further, if you want any amenities – you can arrange the Sberbank card (for 780 rubles in the form of lump-sum insurance. Next, you can not pay it. We need a passport). With it, you can transfer dollars in the online bank in rubles to the map and from the card already in the ATM cash withdraw. Either in the old manner to defend the turn in the department and remove the cash on the passport and the book.
  3. for advertising you need a separate account. In my case – Admob. There is still the same, with the exception of the initial contribution. But there is one nuance: after reaching a certain threshold amount of income for advertising, there will be a dice in the account hung with a proposal to drive the address for expulsion of paper (SIC!) Letters with a PIN code that must (after receiving and drivening in account) to convince Admob in that that you are a real person. It goes from California, get ready for long waiting.
  4. Registration itself is not complicated. Just drive the requested data.

Outcome: We need a SIM card, bank card, passport of the Russian Federation, 30 dollars and a little bit of straight hands.

ps here there is still a little more information: output of money from Google Play and Admob accounts .

Answer 2, Authority 22%

Add three more things:

  1. a dollar account is not required. Money will automatically be converted in the account currency
  2. they come very quickly, after 2-3 days
  3. Google Play requires the so-called Bik Bank. Usually, no one asks it for international payments. In short, this is an inner bik. On a sheet with details, banks usually do not indicate it, but it is easy to arrive in the internet

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