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Registration of the Seller account on Google Play (Ukraine)




I want to sell applications as a private person (this is possible?). Interested in the following features during registration:

  • What is the name of the company to indicate? Your name and last name on transline (I have the name of the developer is also written)?
  • What is the company address to specify? The problem is that this address is publicly available and displayed on the application page. Therefore, I do not want to indicate your home.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

So, after communicating with technical support and other developers managed to figure out what:

In the name of the company, you can specify anything, only if this name is not employed by someone earlier.

As an address, you need to specify Real Address to which there is access. In addition to the address of the company, you can specify the Po Box address (subscriber box, in our opinion), otherwise you have to specify your actual address. Alas, otherwise in no way.

PS: During the google, I found applications from private developers several times on Google Play, on the page of which their real address was indicated (including the house and apartment number). So, in the absence of other options, this is the only way to register the seller’s account.

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