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The apk application is not installed on the phone




Created an app in android studio, compiles, the connected phone accepts it, everything works. But if I transfer the apk file to another phone, it does not install, and on mine, I uninstalled the application, installed it through the apk file, it does not install “the application is not installed”. What needs to be changed in the program itself or where to install it?

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Most likely you do not have the “Install from unknown sources” option installed.

For Android, starting from version 8, we can grant permission to install applications from unknown sources only for this Application. Turn on permission:

For older devices:

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There are several options.

  1. If this application with a different signature was already on the phone and they are trying to update it, then nothing will come of it. You need to delete the old one and install the new one.
  2. Installation from unknown sources is prohibited. Although, when you try to install the application, the system should notify you.
  3. Try another in AndroidStudio Build->Build Bundle (s) / APK (s) ->Build APK (s). After that, a message about a successful build will appear at the bottom and click locate in it. The folder with the APK file will open. Try to transfer it to smart and run it. Should work.

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