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Hello! I have such a problem: when using Android Studio, the computer slows greatly. For example, it happens when the key set is already pressed, and appear on the screen in a few seconds, the assembly of projects is from 2 to 5 minutes. Main configuration ASUS K50IN (4GB RAM, percentage Dual-Core T4400 2.20GHz, W7).

Are there any ways to solve this problem, and then I don’t want to buy a new computer?

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I am sitting on the same laptop, a similar situation with brakes.
In the GRADLE settings (User / .Gradle / gradle.properties) prescribed the following

org.gradle.daemon = true
Org.gradle.jvmargs = -xmx2048m -xx: maxpermsize = 512m -xx: + HeapDumpOnOUTOFMEMORYERROR -DFile.encoding = UTF-8

a little, but helped. Plus, in Studio Settings / IDEA, I disconnected Code Complete.
In general, I have long been thinking about changing the iron (you can still buy SSD, not sure that there will be a significant increase in speed).
Edit : Yes, I also added a folder with projects to exclude antivirus.

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Try to put the IDEA.
I did not put the studio, but I know that it is based on the IDEA, and read that the brakes are because of Gradle. Compared to Eclipse Idea simply flies.

About SSD – You can try to evaluate the growth of the studio movement and Java machines on SSD without buying SSD using RAMDISK (drive in RAM). One of the programs allowing to do is – imdisk.

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Disable versions control system, if you actively use it. With Android Studio, there was the same problem – it was so impossible to work that on the home computer I had to abandon it. After disconnecting the VCS plugins, Studio began to work at the Idea level.

Answer 4

is 100% due to the operating memory. I stuck in my computer 16GB and earned everything gorgeous. Memory eats this studio – that’s the problem. At least 8GB put ..

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