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Good afternoon, I have a mistake when connecting the service

angular.js: 13236 Error: [jqlite: nosel] looking Up Elements Via Selectors Is Not Supported by Jqlite! See: http://docs.angularjs.org/api/angular.Element
  at angular.js: 68
  At Object.JQLite [AS Element] (Angular.js: 2860)
  at Object.Submit (Former.js: 56)
  AT NEW & LT; Anonymous & GT; (Employeesimport.js: 7)
  At Object.Invoke (Angular.js: 4604)
  AT EXTEND.INSTANCE (Angular.js: 9855)
  At Object.Link (Angular-Material.js: 1540)
  AT Linkelement (Angular-Material.js: 2926)
  at angular-material.js: 2800
  At ProcessQueue (Angular.js: 15552)

It swears (I think so) is the ETU line in FORMER.JS: 56

var former = angular.element ("# Former"); // & lt; --------- --------
Function Submit (Path, Data, Options) {
        Options = options || {};
        Data = Data || {};
        var Options = angular.extend (provider.options (), options);
        If (options.events.begin) {
          options.events.begin (DATA, OPTIONS);
        var url = provider.option ('URL') + PATH;
        var former = angular.element ("# FORMER");
        var target = '_blank';
        var useragent = window.navigator.useragent;
        Var Browsers = {Chrome: / Chrome / i, Safari: / Safari / i, Firefox: / Firefox / i, IE: / Trident | MSIE | EDGE / I};
        For (VAR KEY IN BROWSERS) {
          VAR Search = Browsers [Key] .Test (UseRAGENT);
          If (search == True & amp; & amp; key == 'IE')
            target = '_self';
        If (! FORMER.LENGTH) {
          FORMER = Angular.Element ("& lt; Form & GT;", {Action: URL, Method: 'Post', target: target});
        Angular.Foreach (Data, Function (Value, Key) {
          If (Value === Object (Value)) {
            AppendObject (FORMER, KEY, VALUE);
          } else {
            former.append (angular.element ("& lt; input & gt;", {type: 'hidden', name: key, value: value}));
        angular.element (Document.body) .APPEND (FORMER);
        FORMER.SUBMIT ();
        FORMER.REMOVE ();

on the link that is indicated in the text of the error http://errors.angularjs.org/1.5 .0 / jqlite / nosel did not find anything intelligible.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

As stated in the error Angular.Element can’t Search on the transmitted line, as this is just Lite -Bevession.

And there in the Help It is indicated that replace the search on the string You can use the Find method. But the easiest way to use native search tools like: document.QuerySelector , document.getelementByid And others, and the results are already transmitted to Angular.Element .

In this case, enough document.getelementByid

var former = angular.element (document.getelelementbyid ("FORMER));

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