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Can’t go to Localhost / XAMPP




installed XAMPP. It seems, everything is fine, but, here, when you go on the link http: // Localhost / xampp / it turns out that here :
Reinstalling version (5, 7.1, 7.0, 7.2), the ports changed. What is the problem? Sign in

Answer 1

The XAMPP includes Apache2, here the LocalHost domain indicates the directory in which there is no files. And so everything works as it is necessary, it is possible that the directory for LocalHost is incorrectly specified, since the directory in which the index.php from XAMPP

should be specified.

On Windows or on Linux it was installed XAMPP? You need to look for how to create a host and indicate directory for it. And when it can be clear how to do it, then you can see what exactly with configurations for localhost.

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