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How to get access token instagram?




Last year I received a token without any problems using a link of the form:
https: / /api.instagram.com/oauth/authorize/?client_id= [id ]&redirect_uri= [site.ru ]&response_type=token

Now, on another account, I did everything exactly the same, but I get an error? error_reason = user_denied & amp; error = access_denied & amp; error_description = The + user + denied + your + request.

PS returned to the old account and did exactly the same actions and got a new token without any problems! And now a window appears asking for authorization and after clicking on “authorize” I get an error.

What could be the error?

Answer 1

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55449162 / https-api-instagram-com-oauth-authorize-api-login-error

There was already such a problem!
in short – you just need to add a parameter at the end of the url: & amp; hl = en

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