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Select CMS for integration into an existing ASP.NET MVC project




There is a large project on ASP MVC (in e-commerce). It is necessary to implement the content management system (CMS) to be able to store, edit and publish news as well as adding multilinguality to the site.

Help, please select an existing CMS to solve (CMS should be on ASP).

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None of the existing CMC will give you such an opportunity. One thing to collect pages, another integration of the application for collaboration. It’s like trying to put the engine of one machine on a completely different. Either you will have to fit your site for a specific CMS, i.e. Collect it in this CMS. Or write your CMS, which is even more difficult. In short, you need to work a lot.

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There is also n2 , Kentico dotnetnuke , monox . Look, it can be suitable

Answer 3, Authority 20%

Orchard CMS

Orchard Is a Free, Open Source, Community-Focused Content Management System Built On The ASP.NET MVC Platform.

Answer 4, Authority 20%

kooboo cms

Free and Open Source Enterprise Level CMS

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