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Adding the background in 2D game Unity




There is 2D game Ping Pong in Uniti, there are two rackets and a ball, they have added to the Assets folder sprites, but the background of the game of standard blue light, however, when you try to change the background for added to the same folder, the problem arises that It is superimposed on top of the available rackets and balls for the entire scene and the following repetitive error occurs:
ArgumentException: Input Button Submit Is Not Setup.
To Change the Input Settings Use: Edit – & gt; Settings – & gt; INPUT

Attempt to add the background was as follows: In the MainCamera and Gamemanager window, click the right mouse button and chose the UI then image. Then in the inspector for Image in the Source Image field, select the added image, in the RECT Transform tab, stretch the picture for the entire scene. What could be the error and how else can you add a background in this case? Thank you.

Answer 1

As an option to make a separate canvas with image and put the value of Order in Layer smaller.

Error appears Most likely due to the fact that the button used in some script is not configured in Input Manager.


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