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A similar question like was 3 years ago, but maybe something has changed …

MS Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition supports C++ Linux applications. But there is a ready-made project C # WPF under Windows, which would like to be interrupted under Linux. I know that you can just run with Mono, etc. But it is worth the task of the application under Linux.

Does Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition specifically C # GUI for Linux?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

There is an analogue of WPF under Windows, Linux and MacOS – Avalonia , the truth is not quite a release version, but it’s already Soft write. According to the links below, the article and video.

But here it is hardly possible to transfer the finished project for quickly.

The release of cross-platform .NET UI-tulk Avaloniaui 0.8

on the evil day: cross-platform client for Telegram for .NET Core and Avalonia

Telegram Client source code

video: Nikita Zucanov – Avaloniaui – First cross-platform XAML UI-framework with support for .NET CORE

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