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There is a class colum & lt; T & GT; , there is a class Row with a list LIST & LT; Colum & GT; . And there is a problem, list & lt; colum & gt; requires another type t Aki List & lt; colum & lt; int & gt; & gt; , but I do not need it, I need to ROW kept a list of Colum and did not think about what type of colum template. What can you advise? (I know about Dynamic, but trying to do without it)

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Make a regular class column , inhibit generalized classes (column & lt; T & GT;: column ), in Row Keep the basic list List & lt; Column & GT; .

just as an example

Public Abstract Class Column
  Public Abstract Object ValueObject {Get; }
Public Class Column & Lt; T & GT; : Column.
  Private T TypedValue;
  Public Column (T Value)
    typedvalue = value;
  Public Override Object ValueObject = & GT; typedvalue;
  Public T Value = & gt; typedvalue;


Public Class Row
  Private List & LT; Column & GT; _List = New List & lt; column & gt; ();
  Public Void Add (Column C) = & gt;
    _List.add (C);
  Public Void Print () = & gt;
    _List.Foreach (V = & GT; Console.Writeline (v.ValueObject));

How to use

var row = new row ();
row.add (new column & lt; int & gt; (5));
row.add (new column & lt; string & gt; ("vasya"));
row.print ();



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