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How to call script methods when clicking on the UI button?




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I’m making the main menu for a game based on a YouTube video. After the narrator wrote scripts for the buttons, he began to add them to these buttons. For some reason I cannot do this. I cannot add a start game or an exit. I just don’t have it. The video displays a context menu and the last line titled NewBehaviourScript . I have not it.

Tell me how to add it? I have already searched all YouTube, Google and the unit website, but I could not find a solution to my problem. The script is written in C # .

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In the UI buttons, you can assign the OnClick event.

For example, there are buttons:

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In their properties buttons we find OnClick .

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In it you need to select the object on which the script handler is hanging (this can be the button itself, if desired), and then on the right side of this drop-down list select the very script and the desired method from the same script:

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Moreover, the methods must be public . Example:

using UnityEngine;
public class SwitchCameras: MonoBehaviour {
  private void Start () {
  public void Switch () {
    Debug.Log ("Some method was called here");

When a method with arguments appears, you can add this parameter to the button’s OnClick event:

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