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How to change the default date in DatePicker wpf




please tell me how to remove the default DatePicker wpf date which is: 01.01.0001 and set your own date by default, let’s say 01.01.2000. Thank you.

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Suppose we have a standard class of our object:

public class ItemViewModel
  public string Name {get; set; }
  public DateTime Date {get; set; }

And there is a bound collection in the main ViewModel:

public ObservableCollection & lt; ItemViewModel & gt; Items {get; set; }

In standard DataGrid markup with autogeneration:

& lt; DataGrid ItemsSource = "{Binding Items}" / & gt;

Now, if you have the same option, then it is enough to rewrite the property with the date by adding a default value to it:

public DateTime Date {get; set; } = new DateTime (2020,1,1);

Another option is to set the default via XAML.
To do this, bindings have properties FallbackValue and TargetNullValue .

Let’s make some simple markup:

& lt; DataGrid ItemsSource = "{Binding Items}" AutoGenerateColumns = "False" & gt;
  & lt; DataGrid.Columns & gt;
    & lt; DataGridTextColumn Header = "Name" Binding = "{Binding Name}" / & gt;
    & lt; DataGridTextColumn Header = "Date" Binding = "{Binding Data, FallbackValue = '2019.01.02'}" / & gt;
  & lt; /DataGrid.Columns>
& lt; / DataGrid & gt;

The result will be something like this:


Answer 2


& lt; my: DatePicker SelectedDate = "{x: Static sys: DateTime.Now}" / & gt; // change to your date
// add a link
xmlns: sys = "clr-namespace: System; assembly = mscorlib"
// or so
public MainWindow ()
  InitializeComponent ();
  dpDate.SelectedDate = DateTime.Today;

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