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how to round the number in the biggest




There is an expression


How to round the result to an integer? For example, in order for the number 1

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For example,

math.ceiling (1.0 / 30.0)

Do not forget that you are using an integer division. The result of division 1/30 is already 0. Therefore, go to the division of fractional numbers (1.0 / 30.0 = 0.03333333 …), and this number is rounded up.

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Use Ceiling

math.ceiling (1.0 / 30.0)

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You can without Math: (A + B - 1) / B

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Option with integer division looks like this:
(A * B + B * B-1) / (B * B)

We will find an integer option.
It is easy to verify that Ceil (A / B) = - Floor (-A / B)
Those. If A / B is rounding down, then - (- A / B) This rounding up.

If with integer division, the fractional part is simply discarded (which corresponds to the operation TRUNC), then in the case of AB & GT; 0 rounding up is - (- A / B) ,
And in the case of AB & LT; 0 is A / B .

Answer 5

From the point of view of setting the problem, then yes, option

math.ceiling (1.0 / 30.0);

will be true.

But from the point of view of logic it would be better to use

(int) math.round (1.0 / 30.0, 0);

rounding occurs in the nearest side

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