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How to split without remainder in C #?




How to divide without a remainder (not round, but just “cut off” the remainder after the comma) in C #?


I’m trying to write a simple timer for Unity 🙂

  • The user enters hours, minutes and seconds, (each has its own
    variable int).

  • This is then converted to total seconds and assigned to float.

  • One is subtracted every second using Time.deltaTime (the latter produces a float, so it was necessary to store seconds in a float).

  • Then the seconds are recalculated again into hours, minutes and seconds and assigned to the corresponding variables.

    This is where the problem appears: You need to either convert seconds from float to int, or initially all variables should be made float but “cut off” the decimal places.

Answer 1, authority 100%


using System;
public class Test
 public static void Main ()
  double x = 1e11;
  Console.WriteLine ((long) x / 60);
  Console.WriteLine (Math.Floor (x / 60));

And in general, there is no point in using fractional numbers for time. Use whole seconds or milliseconds like everywhere else.

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