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How to work with C # on Ubuntu?




Recently, after switching from Windows on Linux, I have a task to develop with C # Simple applications and tests.
I am interested in the question, if Visual Studio analogues for Ubuntu?

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Mono – a project to create a full-fledged embodiment of the .NET Framework system based on free software. It is possible to develop on C # under Android and also analogue WPF .

Link to the project site.

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Visual Studio Code works on Ubuntu.

download. Unpack from the archive and run Code.

Alternatively, you can use Ubuntu Make:

sudo add-apt-repository PPA: Ubuntu-Desktop / Ubuntu-Make
Sudo Apt-Get Update
Sudo Apt-Get Install Ubuntu-Make

After that install Visual Studio

umake IDE Visual-Studio-Code


umake web visual-studio-code

You can use cross-platform .NET Core

instead of Mono

Alternatively, you can use Xamarin and write cross-platform mobile applications.

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atom of course, yes, this is the editor of the text, but expanding the plug-ins, support for GitHub, huge community and functions make it almost a full-fledged IDE

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