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We have a number of 4 characters accuracy:

decimal testdecimal = 14.7848m;

And we want to round it up to two characters as we were taught in school, right to left. As a result, you should get 14.79:

console.writeline (testdecimal);
Console.WriteLine (Math.round (TestDecimal, 2, Midpointrounding.AwayFromZero)) // 14.78;

But reality refuses to coincide with school knowledge, and start it under these school knowledge customized:

console.writeline (Math.round (Testdecimal, 3, midpointrounding.awayfromzero)) // 14,785;
Console.WriteLine (Math.round (Math.round (Testdecimal, 3, Midpointrounding.awayFromzero), 2, midpointrounding.awayfromzero)) // 14,79;

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Do someone lame schoolpage?

There is a rounding down (Math.floor () function), rounding up (Math.ceiling () function) and simply rounding to the nearest whole (Math.round () function).

In this case, rounding to the nearest whole: if the final number is less than 5, then rounding down, if more than or equal then up. Since we have a number 14.78 4 8 and the third digit less than 5, then rounded down. The right answer is 14.78.

Answer 2

What is the question?

If rounded 14,7848 to a number with two decimal places, it turns out 14.78. No options.

Answer 3

And why such difficulties? If you need to round the number up , then you can do as for example:

Public Static Decimal Roundup (Decimal Number, Int Digits)
  var factor = convert.todecimal (Math.pow (10, Digits));
  RETURN MATH.CEILING (Number * Factor) / Factor;
Console.WriteLine (Roundup (14.7848m, 2)); // 14.79
Console.WriteLine (Roundup (14.78424m, 3)); // 14.785
Console.WriteLine (Roundup (14.12m, 1)); // 14.2.

demo: dotnetfiddle

In general, look at the answers from other users. Your judgments about rounding numbers are somewhat strange.

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