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How to quickly and painlessly rename a working project in visual studio 2008? Foolishly, I left the standard WindowsFormsApplications, now I want to name it meaningfully. I tried different options, Google didn’t help.

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Renaming the solution folder and the * .sln file does not break anything, this can be done at any time without consequences.

Now let’s rename the nested project:

  • Find the project folder in the explorer, rename it.
  • Find the * .csproj file in the project folder, rename it.

Further on your choice:

    • Double-click on * .sln to open the solution in the studio, delete the fallen-off project and add the newly renamed one from the correct folder.
    • Open the project settings and correct the name of the output assembly and the default namespace, if necessary.
    • Open * .sln in any text editor = & gt; at the beginning of the file all projects included in the solution are listed, find the desired one = & gt; fix the project name, file name and file path = & gt; save = & gt; close.
    • Open * .csproj in any text editor = & gt; fix namespace, output assembly name = & gt; check that the paths to the project files do not contain errors = & gt; save = & gt; close.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make corrections to neighboring solution projects, if they referred to the changed project, we correct this either in the solution explorer via the interface for adding links, or also, in the corresponding csproj files

Also, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official documentation on the topic Manage Solutions, Projects and Files

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