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How to get one line from the row array?


string [] Many = {"AB", "BC", "CD", "DE"};


string one = "abbccdde";

Answer 1, Authority 100%

string.join hits the elements of the specified array or collection elements by placing between them a given separator.

string one = string.join (NULL, MANY);

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To do this, there is a special String.concat

string [] Many = {"AB", "BC", "CD", "DE"};
String One = String.concat (MANY);

Some Concat methods are used within themselves StringBuilder , for example, the method accepting ienumerable & lt; T & GT; Values ​​. Other overloads are used within themselves unsafe code , for example, the method accepting Params String [] Values ​​. All this should give good performance when row concatenation.

Answer 3, Authority 31%

You can still use StringBuilder.APPend , for example:

string [] Many = {"AB", "BC", "CD", "DE"};
STRINGBUILDER SB = new stringbuilder ();
Many.Foreach (X = & GT; SB.APPEND (X));
Console.WriteLine (String.Format ("Result:" + SB)); // Result: abbccdde

Available Merging Methods Rows:

  1. Addition of rows using the symbol
  2. StringBuilder
  3. string.join
  4. string.concat
  5. String.Format

Answer can be supplemented with additional ways, if any.

Answer 4, Authority 12%

the most banal probably the way:

string [] Many = {"AB", "BC", "CD", "DE"};
String One = "";
For (int i = 0; I & lt; Many.Length; I ++)
  One + = Many [i];
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