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unity navmeshagent How to set a moving target?




Unit should always move to one goal, which moves.

using system.collections;
Using System.Collections.Genic;
using unityengine;
using unityengine.ai;
Public Class Banditmechanic: Monobehaviour {
  Navmeshagent Agent;
  Public Transform Target;
  void start () {
    agent = getComponent & lt; navmeshagent & gt; ();
    Agent.Autorepath = true;
    Agent.SetDestination (target.position);
  void fixedupdate () {
 // agent.destination = target.position;

I wrote such a code. But the unit moves Dergano (jerks), it seems to me because I constantly change the path (if you set a static goal, it moves normally). How to properly set the goal that is constantly moving?

Answer 1

void fixedupdate ()
  _navmeshagent.setdestination (_player.position);

everything works fine. Nothing twitched. Probably case in another.

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