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What does it mean a row output C: \ Program Files \ Dotnet \ Dotnet.exe in the console?




moved to Visual Studio 2019 .

In projects began to notice such a string: c: \ Program Files \ Dotnet \ Dotnet.exe

  • What does it mean?
  • Does she need?
  • does she interfere with (I’m still aesthetically)?
  • Is it possible to get rid of it?

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Answer 1, Authority 100%

dotnet.exe – it’s The utility of the .NET Core command line, which, among other things, runs .NET Core applications. The fact is that the assembly of the .NET COROR application gives DLL files that cannot be started directly, so you need a special EXE file to start them.

Of course, this innovation is not directly related to Visual Studio 2019 (just in it the workload to work with .NET Core has become default). How to get rid of? Use projects for classic .NET applications. But I do not understand what it prevents – it does not affect the final result …

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