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What is User Control?




What does it mean “Drawing a graph of the function of the function to separate User Control”

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UserControl :

provides an easy way to create an element of control.

In essence, the user Control is just a combination of several existing controls into a complete group that can be reserved as a whole. Of the minuses: styles and patterns cannot be used to such controls.

Creating a draft library of elements UserControl in WPF .

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csharper , WPF?

I think here you can just do the Windows Forms. In fact, you need to create a block of elements.
I think ideally:

  • Labers
  • groupbox to separate ESTO everything from the rest of the information
  • panel / canvas (if you still decide WPF)
  • button for redrawing
  • scale change / task user of the coordinate dimension (scrollbars, etc. etc.)

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