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What subjects do you need to know the programmer.




Tell me I’m in the 10th grade, I want to be a C # programmer in the future, on what subjects do much emphasis that it is easy to get a job (programmer)?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Mathematics, Computer Science, English, Physics. Naturally, other subjects are also necessary for the comprehensive development.

Answer 2, Authority 100%

Why “I want” ? The specialty programmer no age / sex / race / political constraints. Therefore, we must begin now to code, read the listings of other programmers, to participate in the opensource project. A lot of options. And we’ll see what you need.

In programming, as in almost any other profession you can not think that’s the school I teach math, then I will go to university, and then go to work. Those who think so, then another, looking for work, and says that it’s complicated, and so on.

Ask for any example of the good doctor. He is likely to have a child they do not cut the frogs, so cats close up the wound. And then we decided to be a doctor.

Do not think that if you brush up on some concrete things, it will help. Most likely no. All need to be taught equally. For example, some may be related to geography
Programming, teach her or not? And no one knows. Maybe tomorrow at GoogleMaps offered work, and it is impossible to distinguish Austria from Australia … Or for example biology – I personally think that here now and microbiology / genetics intersect with the programming, because the DNA – it’s the same program, just write a little differently . And there are programmers, biologists, which comes to what they would have “podebazhili DNA” and trimmed, for example, the shape of the nose:) … Just as you can pick up at any object. So do not limit yourself some set of objects, and then tomorrow will have to abandon the tempting project. Maybe this can often find a great programmer who graduated from the Faculty of History and Sociology (though some go there deliberately – their intelligence will allow them to learn there is no voltage, and does not interfere with doing things you love)


Therefore, the most important advice – “are afraid to stop and start to code!” (© think Shildt). And, of course, develop their thinking.

Answer 3, authority 75%

teach more than one C #.
Learn C or C++.
also useful to know assembler.
learn well in all subjects, although the shock of course have to be above (Eng., Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics), but we like this teacher Physics that Admiring thing will explain (in mathematics) is better than matematichka.

Answer 4, Authority 50%

C # – is the language of a sufficiently high level. Therefore ideal for beginning to understand that there is more at the bottom, for example, to study the classic C. Just the fact that now there are the new wave of programmers who can write and understand a particular program, such as the problem of Boolean algebra, put them in a deadlock. Therefore important to understand the basics, understand how it works, and then move on. Especially after understanding these basics, problems with the development of a new language should not be. After all, a good programmer – it’s not the one who knows a lot, and those who quickly learns new and apply it in practice.

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