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What the header file is such & lt; conio.h & gt;, and why is it needed? In K & amp; r is not described. Thanks in advance.

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& lt; conio.h & gt; It contains a description of a non-standard library to work with the console (ClrScr , kbhit and the like). Comes, EMNIP, with old Borland compilers. Do not use it if you want your code to compile on more modern compilers.

Note that direct work with the console contradicts the philosophy of uniccable utilities, which should work equally well both with the input data obtained from the user and with the output of other programs. Therefore, the correct Unix utility must read input from STDIN and display it in stdout / stderr, allowing you to efficiently use the forwarding of I / O streams.

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Let’s try “guess”:

conio = & gt; CON I / O = & GT; CONSOLE INPUT / OUTPUT

Well, and with the functionality supplied by this library can already be understood by reading the docks on the network.

In addition, “Conio.h” – the library is purely a short, which has passed in C++, and not left from there is still clean due to the fact that you need to maintain the old code.

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