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What is the difference between the depth and height of the support? Could you give an example of the depth and height of the substrance algorithm.

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Well, actually:

  • Support depth – distance from tree root to root support

  • The support height is the length of the longest branch in this subtree; where the length of the branch of the subsection is the distance from the root of subtree to the sheet of this branch; Sheet suckling knot has no descendants)

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Height Search Algorithm.

int heightoftree (BinaryTreenode * Node)
  if (node ​​== 0)
    Return 0;
  int left, right;
  If (node- & gt; leftchild! = NULL) {
    Left = Heightoftree (Node- & gt; leftchild);
  } ELSE.
    left = -1;
  If (node- & gt; rightchild! = NULL) {
    Right = Heightoftree (Node- & GT; RightChild);
  } ELSE.
    Right = -1;
  INT MAX = Left & GT; Right? Left: Right;

Depth search algorithm.

int depthoftree (binarytreenode * node)
  if (node- & gt; parent == null)
    Return 0;
  Return 1 + Depthoftree (Node- & GT; Parent);

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