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Fake meter percentage percentage on C for “hacking the Pentagon?”. How to make?




I want to make a joke of “hacking the Pentagon?” So that when choosing “Yes”, the counter percent counter from 0% to 100% began. Who knows how to make?

Answer 1

somewhere so. Just run carefully if you arrive at you – give up


# include & lt; stdio.h & gt;
#Include & lt; unistd.h & gt;
 setBuf (stdout, null); // This command launches hacking
 For (int i = 0; i & lt; = 100; i ++) {
   PrintF ("\ R% 3D %%", I);
   USLEEP (100000); // actually makes 100 thousand attempts to break everything
 Printf ("\ Rza you have already left, do not go anywhere! \ n");

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