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A very stupid question, but I can’t get a normal result. You need to convert numbers from the range 10 .. 99 (numbers are stored in int ) to char . As a result, there should be a string of numbers in the given range, which will then be written to a file.

Constructs like:

int a = 65;
char ch = 65;


int a = 65;
char ch = (char) a;

do not work (string contains ASCII characters).
Thanks in advance.

Answer 1, authority 100%

Since you need to translate multi-digit numbers, you simply cannot translate them into char , only into a string (char array).

Since you are working in C, just allocate memory for the string and use sprintf (or safe equivalents):

char s [20]; // For a two-digit, s [3] is enough - don't forget about the null character
sprintf (s, "% d", a);

The itoa option is bad because it is not a standard function.

For specifically two-digit numbers, you can write your own code:

char s [3] = {0}; // To nullify the trailing character
s [0] = '0' + a / 10;
s [1] = '0' + a% 10;

Answer 2

In general, to convert a digit to char, in C they do this:

int a = 8;
char c = a + '0'; // just add the code '0'

There are also special functions in stdlib.h:

# include & lt; stdio.h & gt;
#include & lt; stdlib.h & gt;
void main () {
  char buff [20];
  int a = 12345;
char * p;
  p = itoa (a, buff, 10); // where 10 is the number system

Answer 3

I do not understand the essence of the problem.
I checked – all options worked correctly for me:

int a = 65;
char c = 65;
int a = 65;
char c = a;


a 65 int
c 65 'A' char

Another thing is that if under “It is necessary to convert numbers from the range 10 .. 99 (numbers are stored in int) into char” is understood

1) convert a number to a string,

then you need not char , but at least char [3] , and you can use the itoa function

int a = 57;
char c [3];
itoa (a, (char *) c, 10);

2) converting a number to a digit

but then only 0 to 9 will work, everything else will start producing characters

int a = 3;
char c = '0' + a;

3) converting a digit to a string

but then only 0 to 9 will work

int a = 3;
char c [2];
c [0] = '0' + a;
c [1] = '\ 0';

Better specify exactly where it didn’t work for you.

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