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Hello everyone!

I now began to apply knowledge on Si, actively writing a program and I have a slight ambiguity that you hope you will help me overcome. When writing a console application, I realized that the standard libraries from Kernigan and Ritchch, well, not enough. I began to understand what I needed and found out that I needed a lot of third-party libraries for writing, like:

libcurl (curl) http://curl.haxx.se/

But this is a very small part of what I need. But I killed in C and raised that there is no single official catalog with documentation on libraries (except http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/). It greatly reminded me of javascript language – it is flawed and a little functional, but when you fully master the third-party library (I mastered the jQuery + jQuery UI framework), it just stood out of its capabilities.

Tell me if there is a similar in C or there always was there, and there is chaos with libraries and documentation for it?

Thank you!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Yes, “there was always there, and there is a chaos with libraries and documentation for it” . In the sense that if you need to solve some task (for example, “read the XML file”, “send an HTTP request”, or “divide the program for several threads with a convenient interaction between them”) then it will come to google the necessary solutions. Although maybe there are sites where this information is more or less systematized.

And all because C is a very old Yap. When he appeared, there was not yet fashion to associate developers, creating ecosystems, platforms, and so on.

Answer 2, Authority 200%

It is said that for C / C++ there is such a directory and even a whole control system to all this. And it is called UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD and the like :). Here, in most cases, header files in one place, the documentation is in another and so on. I need a certificate – I launched the name of the function_function and received.

Answer 3, Authority 150%

My advice to you learn to google on Anline. In SI, there are a lot of libraries for all occasions. But 99% of information on them in English.

That’s what Google request gives a goggle.
A List of Open Source C Libraries

For writing desktop (and Windows and Linux) with GUI there are GTK Library.
In order not to write a GUI from hand Use Glade – A User Interface Designer.

Here you are still in Russian.
13 C++ libraries that you need to know
https://progtips.ru/biblioteki/13-bibliotek- SO-KOTORYX-NUZHNO-ZNAT.HTML
There some libraries are written on C and fits just for him.

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