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SRAND Row Value (Time (NULL))




What does this line mean?

srand (Time (NULL));

Answer 1, Authority 100%

generates a random number using the current date, as a parameter, as if for unpredictable result)

Answer 2, Authority 250%

not quite as it was written. To generate pseudo-random numbers, the Rand () function is used. It generates numbers based on the base. If the database is not changed, the sequence of pseudo-random numbers will be the same. To set the base of the pseudo-random number generator, the SRAND () function is used. Its argument is the value of the base. A combination of Srand (Time (NULL) sets the current time as a base. This technique is often used so that with different launches of the pseudo-random number generator there was every time a different base and, accordingly, different row of obtained values.

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