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2 functions int Main ()




I have a file foo.cpp , which contains definitions of some functions and the function int Main () . This file is a separate target and can be running (Add_executable (Foo Foo.cpp) ).

I also have a bar.cpp file, which includes the foo.hpp file (containing some functions of some functions from Foo.cpp ), but also contains another int Main () .

The task is to be able to make target for bar.cpp , but for this to ads from foo.hpp you need to stick to the definitions from the Foo file .CPP . However, when linking, an error occurs due to two INT MAIN () functions. The same, if you make from Foo.cpp Library and sticking to Target Bar .

How can I solve this problem? Is it possible to somehow stick foo to bar without the int main () function>from foo.cpp ? Or choose from two functions the only thing so that there is no error?






add_executable (foo foo.cpp)
Add_executable (Bar Bar.cpp)
add_library (foo_lib foo.cpp foo.hpp)
target_link_libruries (Bar Foo_Lib) # Linking error: 2 functions int main ()

IMPORTANT: File Foo.cpp You can not change, everything else can be.

Answer 1

well, for example, file foo_wrapper.cpp:

# include & lt; foo.hpp & gt;
#Define Main This_is_Not_Main
#include "foo.cpp"

Answer 2

Each of the Main functions wrap in #if , for example:

# if foo_is_main

And when compiling, specify the corresponding constant.

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