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Advise books on Qt for beginners. I looked Mark Summerfield – “Qt Professional Programming” – 2011 – everything is difficult there. Advise books or video training.
And the question, does it make sense to learn to work with Qt simultaneously with the study of C++?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

To begin with the best – max slate “Qt 4.8. Professional programming on C++”. You can buy an electronic version on ozone.

about learning. Although Qt does not require a programmer to be a guru in C++, but still the foundations need to know, otherwise it will be very difficult. Slide the basics of C++: Procedural programming, OOP model (especially pay attention to inheritance, virtual functions, etc. – in Qt it is very used), the basics of templates and the basics of STL. This is quite enough to go to Qt.

Answer 2, Authority 100%

I support Max Schule at the expense, but I still recommend using their built-in documentation, because they have written in very detailed. But still, if you do not know the basics of C++, it is better to first learn the basics, and then take for Qt.

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