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just started programming on C++, as a result, nothing to understand how to start. I tried to install on Visual Studio Code and C++, and Code Runner, as a result, wrote a simple program:


# include & lt; iostream & gt;
Using Namespace STD;
  COUT & LT; & LT; "Hello World Bitsdsdsches!";
  Return 0;


[running] cd "c: \ users \ user \ desktop \ Development \ C++ \ codes \" & amp; & amp ; G ++ beginning.cpp -o beginning & amp; & amp; "C: \ Users \ User \ Desktop \ Development \ C++ \ Codes \" Beginning
"G ++" �� ���� ����7��� ��� ��� 譥 � 
 ��������, �ᯮ�� 塞 �� �ணࠬ��� ��� ������ 䠩 ���.
[Done] Exited with Code = 1 in 0.046 Seconds

Whatever I wrote in Cout, all the same goes, only the time of execution of the program is changing. What to do?

Thanks in advance.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

It’s strange that it displays garbage – this is

'Hello World Bitsdsdsches!'

Theoretically symbolic literal, which is usually usually perceived as int – see, for example here .

Visual C++ honestly swears –

Error C2015: Too many signs in the Constant

If you cut up to four – to 'Hell' – it will be perceived as a four-click int , where the oldest byte H 0x48 Next E 0x65 , etc. – i.e. 0x48656c6c .

And if you want to display a string, then note that there is not Pascal, and the lines must be in double quotes –

cout & lt; & lt; "Hello World Bitsdsdsches!";

Answer 2, Authority 50%

Meaning is that I am a fool – I did not install the compiler.

those who do not understand: to work with C++ you need a compiler. Install G ++ (GCC) and write to health!

Website where I took the compiler: http: //www.equation. COM / SERVLET / EQUATION.CMD? FA = Fortran

Thank you all. The question is closed.

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