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Connecting the VK-Master library to the C++ project




There is a ready project skeleton I want to connect VK SDK for C++. I threw the VK-Master folder to the project folder and invited the file.
I connected further all .h and .cpp files ,.lib is not there. The problem was not solved.
Already 4 days such a problem, Google cannot solve my problem. I hope for forum users)

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I will try to explain the conceptually essence of your problem.

The C / C++ libraries consist of header files, which describes interfaces and static implementation files (.lib | .a) and / or dynamic (.dll | . SO) – Copying code.
So for the “Connection” of the library you need a compiler to specify the search paths of the heading files. And for the batter of the path to the libraries and the library themselves. This is all specific for each compiler. It should also be considered that by connecting the library A, which has the deepebility b, c. You also need to connect these dependencies (for MSVC, the order is not critical, it is necessary to take into account this in the GCC). All this is indicated in the assembly system or manually (this is true for small or training projects).

Specifically in your case the assembly and IDE system is the same (MSVC masks work with NMAKE or MSBuild). All this is prescribed by the Visual Studio project settings.

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