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Determination of the number of elements in the array




Now I define the number of elements in a static array using the following expression:

sizeof (array) / Sizeof (Array [0])

I heard that there is a standard macro for this action, tell me how it is called or maybe there is a simpler way?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

template & lt; TypeName T, Size_t N & GT;
INLINE SIZE_T ARRAYSIZE (Const T (& amp; arr) [n])

Compared to the minuses mentioned by the macro, I personally do not see. Any compiler This challenge will simply start the constant.

Are there any advantages? I think yes. Macros – & NBSP; This thing is so rather muddy. They are very easy to make a mistake (see comments to the previous answer). Once a certain macro will then hang out and where it can not be expected. The same thing behaves like any other function. Her even Intellisense sees and autodopsy! :).

Answer 2, Authority 31%

In MSVC there is a great macro: _countof () . It is just unfolding in the design of the type of SizeOF (Array) / Sizeof (Array [0])

Answer 3, Authority 15%

It is possible that there is a similar macro in some kind of library, but there is no such thing in the standard. Yes, and what prevents from writing the macro myself so much !?

PS: For a short arrays with a constant length of a more correct way, it does not exist.

Answer 4

# include & lt; iostream & gt;
Using Namespace STD;
 int n = 3;
 int v [n];
 COUT & LT; & LT; SizeOF (V) & LT; & lt; Endl;
 COUT & LT; & LT; SizeOF (V) / SizeOF (Int);

Pretty simple problem solving, not?

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