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does not work Local change




setlocale (LC_ALL, "Russian"); – does not help.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

These questions were discussed many, many -..0 times.

Try to type in Google:

site: hashcode.ru C++ Windows Russian language krakoyar

and read, for example, here .

and @kovadim rights. It is not worth to learn Programming on C / C++ in Windows (and maybe there is no time to spend on it).

Answer 2, Authority 100%

system ("CHCP 1251");

It helps me, the easiest and most convenient option If you study.

setlocale (LC_ALL, "RUSSIAN"); – you can not use in this case.

The only one in the console will be unnecessary information of this kind: “Current code page: 1251”

Next, when you delve, there will be other solutions, more complex, universal.

Answer 3

Use functions:

setconsolecp (1251); // Setting the code page WIN-CP 1251 in the input stream
SetConsoleoutPutcp (1251); // Setting the code page WIN-CP 1251 in the output stream

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