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How to convert string to char?




There is an arbitrary string of no more than 25 characters. For example “wo1fram”
How to convert it to char array [255]?
So that later you can work with char as with a full-fledged array of characters, terminated by a null character.

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There are two solutions, you see.

One thing – if you just need to read this line, or there, change a couple of characters in it – but do not change its size (so all sorts of strcpy are canceled) – then you can use the functions c_str () and data () . I highly recommend that you carefully read the descriptions, and most importantly, the restrictions imposed by these functions.

And another thing – if you need to work with it as a C-style string with all the possibilities – then just copy it into an array, like

char buf [255];
strcpy (buf, s.c_str ());


char * buf = strdup (s);

Something like this.

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