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How to use WPF in C++ Visual Studio 2019?




Visual Studio has WPF for C #, but as far as I know there is a WPF for C++, but I can not find this feature in my studio. Can you tell me how to do it?

Answer 1

wpf is .NET technology. Therefore, if you want to work with it, you need not “ordinary” Visual C++, and C++ / CLI (Visual C++ option for .NET). So, when using WPF, your program will automatically stop being native.

In addition, for .NET, as far as I know, there are almost no templates for .NET from the box. Therefore, in particular, for WPF, you will most likely have to do everything with your hands or search for a third-party network template.

plus a row of pitfalls, because The Direction C++ / CLI in recent years is not developing.

In general, to write a GUI in .NET it is better to use C # or VB.NET. And if the program needs a native code, it can always be placed in the DLL on the “usual” Visual C++ and import with DLLImport.

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