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Why when using the Length () method to a string in C++, each symbol from Cyrillic is considered as two characters? The result, as if Length (), believes bytes.

# include & lt; iostream & gt;
#Include & lt; String & GT;
Using Namespace STD;
  String Name;
  CIN & GT; & GT; Name;
  COUT & LT; & LT; name.Length () & lt; & lt; '\ n';
  Return 0;

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Cyrillic symbols in the UTF-8 encoding occupy 2 bytes.
For calculation, it is proposed to use the MBSTOWCS function here here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ 5117393 / UTF-8-Strings-Length-In-Linux-C

Answer 2

Using utf8-cpp :

size_t lengthofutf8string (const std :: string & amp; utf8_string) {
  Return utf8 :: Unchecked :: Distance (UTF8_String.begin (), UTF8_String.end ());
STD :: COUT & LT; & LT; Lengthofutf8String (Name) & lt; & lt; STD :: ENDL ();

Answer 3

Who said that two characters? This is if UTF-16, then two, and if UTF-32, then four, and if UTF-8, then in general the variable value …

A simple class of work with a string using C++ 11 / Boost here: https://github.com/sitev/cjcore/blob/master/src/object.cpp

Find the String class there is just enough to understand …

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